Please be advised the following instructions are mandatory. We work with one buyer only and accept only serious offers.

We have a track record of 100% success rate and closed over 100 short sales.

-          CAR Contract

-          3% Earnest Money to be deposited in escrow on the day of property contingency removal;

-          30 days or less Close of Escrow from bank acceptance;

-          10 Days for property Contingencies from seller acceptance;

-          14 Days appraisal and loan contingency from Bank acceptance;

-          Property to be bought in AS-IS condition. Although CAR contract is an AS-IS contract, banks want to see it specified in the purchase contract;

-          All inspections and/or repairs are to be paid by buyer(s);

-          Short Sale Addendum – call Listing agent to know how much time to allocate (depends from one bank to another);

-          Copy of Deposit Check;

-          Pre-Approval Letter;

-          Proof of Down Payment;

-          No Home warranty provided by seller and/or bank.